In order for a company to ensure it's completing work within the required timeframe and expected budget, it's necessary to have a BSA/AML auditor who works hard to make sure the company is following the guidelines it has set for itself. The auditor usually reports to the Vice President, Director, or Senior Audit Manager with his or her findings. The auditor helps discover weaknesses and risks within the organization, then documents them and reports them to others within the company.

BSA/AML Auditor Definition

A BSA/AML auditor helps to plan, coordinate, and direct an organization’s activities while working to ensure compliance with regulatory or ethical standards.

BSA/AML Auditor Qualifications

A staffing agency usually wants candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, although, in some cases, a master’s degree is expected. It’s also important for applicants to have multiple years of work-related experience, vocational training, or on-the-job training. Generally, a staffing agency wants to see one year of work experience at a minimum and at least two years of work experience is considered standard.

It’s also important for candidates to have the following qualifications:

  • Extreme attention to detail, plus the ability to work independently on multiple tasks.
  • Honesty and a sense of ethics are highly valued, and it’s important for workers to keep their emotions under control while also managing anger levels.
  • The ability to deal with high-stress situations while remaining calm is important, and a high level of self-control is important, as well.
  • Leadership skills are important, as this job requires the candidate to be able to take charge, lead others, and give directions and opinions,