The CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is the strategic business partner to an organization's senior executive leadership team. Modern CFOs sometimes take on tasks beyond their financial training, which include overseeing operations, IT, supply chain, risk management and HR. However, most companies still search for a CFO whose experience, education and qualifications reflect expertise in finance and accounting matters. Whether you need a by-the-book CFO, or someone who can step in to cover a variety of bases, our staffing agency can help.

CFO Definition

The CFO for an organization works alongside the senior leadership team, including the CEO and COO. The primary responsibilities of a CFO include overseeing financial controls and accounting procedures; providing oversight and leadership in the goals to develop continuous evaluation measures for short-term and long-term strategic financial objective; ensuring full transparency of the company's financial operations to any third-party stakeholders and the public, if necessary; advising on the ability to increase revenue and reduce costs; developing internal control guidelines, policies and procedures for cash and credit management, budget administration and accounting functions; producing all tax information required; and working with IT to identify, acquire, install and implement systems and software for the benefit of financial and operational information and performance.

CFO Qualifications

The versatile CFO is generally required to hold a Bachelor's in accounting or finance, but many employers prefer to hire candidates who have a Master's. Browse the list of key qualifications that our staffing agency has built to help you find your new CFO:

  • Is comfortable communicating, engaging and interacting with the executive leadership team, board of directors, CEO and COO
  • Has 10 or more years in finance leadership roles
  • Possesses strong problem-solving skills and is comfortable "thinking outside the box" to arrive at the ideal solution
  • Commits to work with passion, integrity, dependability and attention to detail