The Head of Internal Audit (HIA) is responsible for examining and evaluating the effectiveness of established management controls that drive your business's success. The finance and accounting candidate that you choose to take on the crucial role within your organization will ensure that you have a strong plan for controlling your resources and delivering your business objectives. If you need to find a new Head of Internal Audit, our staffing agency can help you develop your search strategy.

Head of Internal Audit Definition

The Head of Internal Audit is a senior management staff member whose primary role is to assess the arrangements used for controlling an organization's resources and the risks that the business faces. He or she will also provide leadership to the auditing team, promote diligent regulatory and policy compliance, and address potential future challenges. Working with the risk management and compliance teams, the Head of Internal Audit assures that the internal audit function provides an independent and objective assessment of the adequacy of the internal systems and controls. The position also requires that the HIA inform the appropriate finance and accounting personnel of any risks and weaknesses in the company's operations. 

Head of Internal Audit Qualifications

The ideal candidate for a Head of Internal Audit has earned a Master's in finance, as well as an internationally recognized auditing certification like the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Our staffing agency has generated more qualifications for you to seek to make it easier to find your ideal HIA candidate:

  • Possesses strong mathematical, intellectual and analytical skills to collect and investigate complex data
  • Has excellent communication skills to work auditing team, executive staff and fellow auditing leaders
  • Is able to manage a complex schedule to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and meet tight deadlines
  • Can envision improvements for the organization's controls and compliance with regulations and can find ways to make them happen