The exact responsibilities for a loan operations analyst depend on the specific needs of the company. However, in short, this position deals with identifying structural, procedural, and technical shortcomings and suggesting and implementing improvements.

Loan Operations Analyst Definition

A loans operations analyst is tasked with a variety of duties that deal with the development and implementation of optimal business practices. The specific responsibilities of a loan operations analyst can greatly vary, but in general, the analyst focuses on evaluating and updating practices, procedures, and operations. Loan operations analysts sometimes work independently, however, they can also work as part of a team. This position may report to mid-level or senior management, production teams, and sales teams. If a loan operations analyst has extensive experience, he or she may have people who report to them.

Loan Operations Analyst Qualifications

When it comes to education and experience, a staffing agency generally wants to see a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field and two or more years in an analyst role, in addition to three or more years' experience in operations monitoring. As for skills, a staffing agency usually wants applicants to have the following:

  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Capable of working with minimal supervision and knows how to work with all levels of management
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software, including Access, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • Project management and consulting skills are highly valued
  • An ability to gather and arrange data in a logical and systematic format and an ability to spot patterns and relationships in complex data