Any successful company knows that their online media presence is one of the keys to their success. The latest trend is the mobile app, giving businesses the opportunity to streamline the way that they communicate with their clients. It used to be that only large companies had mobile apps, but more companies are implementing mobile apps as part of their digital marketing procedure. This is a wise move considering the client is now living in the digital world. As more people learn how to code and the technology becomes easier and cheaper to develop, so will more companies look to their staffing agency to hire Mobile App Developers.

Mobile App Developer Definition

A Mobile App Developer's job description is pretty easy to figure out just by their job title. They are responsible for designing and implementing their company's smartphone or tablet application. It's important that you find a developer who is skilled in developing applications for both iPhone and Android (or whatever your company uses) because the two operating systems are quite different in the backend. Once the app has been developed, they are then responsible for ensuring that it interacts with each social media platform efficiently. If a mobile application is already been developed, but is not operating the way it should, mobile app developers are hired specifically to come in and redesign a company's existing mobile application.

Mobile App Developer Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have at least a bachelor's degree in software development or a similar field like mobile development. A master's degree might be preferred if the position is particularly complicated or the person will be managing a team of developers. The best potential hires will also have:

  • The ability to take criticism and fix the app accordingly
  • An understanding of and experience in search engine optimization is also highly desirable
  • Successful communication with other departments like the IT department on a daily basis in order to meet their goals