The more available options for connecting with your client base the better off your business is. Mobile applications offer one of the best ways to continually stay with your customers, but require specific application designers to create effective programming. This is what a Mobile Application Designer does. If you are interested in filling such a role, our staffing agency is able to assist in finding the top professionals for the position.

Mobile Application Designer Definition

The job responsibilities for a Mobile Application Designer remain similar wherever a professional goes, although the final design will vary from one location to the next. The most common job responsibilities for a Mobile Application Designer includes designing, creating and implementing a mobile application; working with multiple departments in order to identify key components needed for an effective application; staying on top of the latest UX trends in order to understand what should be implemented into the application design; and upgrading and patching the application as needed and working with the back end developers and customers in identifying what content is beneficial or should come to the application.

Mobile Application Designer Qualifications

When looking for the right Mobile Application Designer, our staffing agency recommends hiring on an individual with at least a Bachelor's degree in human computer interaction, interaction design, computer design or a similar field of study (although a Master's degree is always desired). Additional qualifications to consider when hiring a Mobile Application Designer includes:

  • Excellent communication skills and capable of explaining application design to individuals with very little understanding of the topic
  • Strong skills using varying computer programs, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, UXPin and others
  • Understanding of both Android and Apple design guidelines and how to submit material to different application platforms