Company data can usually provide insights into how a business is doing, how it needs to improve, its key demographic and how to better serve its customers. However, understanding the data and identifying ways to implement changes into the business is not always easily identifiable to the naked eye. That is exactly why it is necessary to hire a Senior BSA/AML Auditor professional. If you are interested in hiring such a professional than our staffing agency can assist in finding the right individual for your company. 

Senior BSA/AML Auditor Definition

Some variations are in effect for the Senior BSA/AML Auditor, depending on the company they work for. However, the individual generally creates audit concepts based on fieldwork performed within the company. They are able to work independently from others within the company in order to come up with these new analytical audit principles. This allows the Senior BSA/AML Auditor to come up with potentially new and previously not utilized methods of improving productivity within the company. They work throughout the company and with nearly all departments at some point in time. After performing the audit the Senior BSA/AML Auditor will then come up with recommendations for the board of directors or other management department in charge of the position. 

Senior BSA/AML Auditor Qualifications

When hiring on a Senior BSA/AML Auditor, our staffing agency recommends looking for an individual with at least a bachelor's degree in business analytics, business management, computer science or another, similar field. As it is a senior position a Master's degree is highly desired, as its 10 years or more experience on the job. Other qualifications include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Capable of working with varying departments
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Able to start new tasks and work with short deadlines without prompting
  • Strong Microsoft Office Suite experience