In order to bring visitors into your website, maintain their attention and ensure they return for more, it is important for them to have an excellent users experience. This is where UI / UX Specialist is helpful. Such an individual is able to customize and create the best user experience for your company and your website visitors. If this is the kind of position you are interested in filling, our staffing agency can assist.

UI/UX Specialist Definition

A UI/UX specialist is responsible for designing and developing the user interface for a website, software, or application. As users will spend a lot of time interacting with the user interface, this is a high-level position with a lot of responsibilities, some of which include maintaining and enhancing the website or software; working with product management and the engineering team in order to determine the best method for delivering an excellent user experience; developing visuals designed to attract visitors and keep them engaged; pitching visual ideas with the ability to articulate context to individuals who may not have a strong technological background; and working with visitor feedback and analytics in order to improve the user experience.

UI/UX Specialist Qualifications

When searching for a UI/UX specialist, a staffing agency often wants to see a bachelor's degree or better in Compute Design or Programming. In some cases, past career experience along with certifications in UI/UX design is an acceptable substitute for a degree. Job applicants should also meet the following experience requirements:

  • Strong knowledge of programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, in combination with languages like XHTML
  • A good understanding of OmniGraffle or Photoshop
  • Possesses a minimum of one year of past job experience, although, a portfolio of work or educational experience is sometimes an acceptable substitute