As a business grows, so to does the number of jobs and tasks needed to be filled. Sometimes there are ods and ends other employees simply do not have time to perform on their own, which is why there needs to be someone who can take charge of these situations, work with varying departments and stay on top of office needs. This is exactly what an Administrative Assistant does. If you're interested in filling the position for your company, our staffing agency can work with you to make sure you find the right professional for the company's needs. 

Administrative Assistant Definition

The Administrative Assistant is going to stay on top of the office workflow and help assign tasks to other members of the administrative team. This typically occurs on a daily basis in order to make sure everyone is up on what needs to be done for the day. They will work with new staff members and help train the individuals in their job while also monitoring programs management wants an eye on. They will work on creating memos, reports and emails to send to necessary party members. On top of this, they will often work as an office assistant in order to stay on top of office supplies and order the required materials when necessary. 

Administrative Assistant Qualifications

When looking for the right Administrative Assistant, our staffing agency recommends bringing in someone with a Bachelor's Degree. In addition to this, other qualifications to consider include but are not limited to:

  • Experience working with Microsoft Office, especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Excellent communication skills (both oral and verbal)
  • Exceptional organization skills with the ability to dedicate time to completing a given project on time
  • Detail oriented and able to work in short work windows
  • Solid analytical skills