Of course, you want the perfect person working in each role of your software design and implementation team. On top of that, you want an individual on your team that has a wide knowledge of just about anything having to do with programming and software on the internet to have a more broad role. This is especially essential for bigger companies that deal with cloud computing, website upkeep, database management and other similar jobs. Companies are realizing that a person that can do all of these things is a huge asset to their team, increasing the number of managers that are contacting their staffing agency to inquire about hiring an Internet of Things Architect.

Internet of Things Architect Definition

As you can probably assume, the responsibilities for an Internet of Things Architect have a very wide berth. This includes designing and implementing programming and software strategies for proprietary software design across every platform that the company uses. When they are hired, there will already be programming in place in the companies website, cloud computing, and software. The IoT Architect might be asked to help analyze and redesign these. One of their most important roles revolves around the company's network and cloud security. As you can see, the job description for this position is extremely broad.

Internet of Things Architect Qualifications

Most staffing agencies look for candidates that have:

  • At least a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field like software engineering
  • Good analytical skills 
  • Organizational and communication skills

On top of this, they must make the effort to stay on top of the latest development in technology along the way